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The  360° et même plus film collective was founded in 2005.
It is based in Marseilles, France.

Its members are filmmakers, editors, photographers, graphic designers and programmers/curators who share their ideas, skills and equipment to produce films [and extensively artworks using images and sound] outside the film and TV industries.

Using "light" production equipment, while working at creating viable and solidarity-based economical conditions, the collective develops singular audiovisual and artistic practices anchored in their social and economical reality.


The purpose of these programs, swinging between experimental film, documentary... and even more is to create bridges between those different types of cinematography, which we think meet up on many different levels and particularly around issues of practices and economics.
We invite the related filmmakers to each show, because beyond simple screenings we want to instigate encounters between filmmakers and audiences.


The collective also develops audiovisual services: filmmaking, editing, translation, subtitling, screenings... to other organizations whose objectives are in adequacy with the collective’s ethics. 


The members of the collective wish to share their film and audiovisual know-how with others and to set up workshops to support fragile filmmaking practices.

We want therefore to offer residencies to practitioners on one hand, and on the other hand we propose workshops to inexperienced people having little or no access to audiovisual practices.